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She is probably one of the few ladies so passionate about football that she went out of her way to enrol for a Caf B licence last year. Keleabetswe “Jusca” Diale is a lady from Phokeng and has been a part of Football Development since in 2011. Recently, Jusca achieved her Caf A Licence from South African Football Association and is over the moon.

1. How long have you been with Platinum Stars FC?
I have been with Royal Bafokeng Sports from 2011. I started coaching the U13s in 2011, then the U17s in 2012, in 2013 and 2014 I coached the SAB League and in 2015 I am the assistant coach for the Multichoice Diski Team.

2. What does your day look like?
My day is challenging as usual because I get to work with many different players with different characteristics and I have to remain level headed with them at all times.

3. You are currently the Assistant coach?
It is a great experience and also a fantastic platform for myself to learn more about football. Most of the Multichoice Diski team coaches are highly recognised coaches and some of them are ex-players so coaching amongst them is a humbling and overwhelming experience.

4. What inspires you?
The players that I coach inspire me on a daily basis. The players are the best group of talented individuals who are also hard working which makes my job a little easier… LOL! The coaches that I work with also inspire me because they are full of passion and are enthusiastic about their job. Being around those people inspire me a great deal.

5. CAF A license? That is an achievement. Your response?
It is a great achievement for myself because there are very few female coaches with that qualification, and it is also overwhelming to be amongst the coaches in South Africa with that qualification. It was a gruesome 30 days but I am glad I have achieved my license.

6. Where to from now?
For now my focus is to ensure that the Multichoice Diski team make it to the top 8 and for at least 3 or 4 players to be signed with the first team. My second goal is for me to achieve my Pro-License in 2 years’ time.

7. Did you always see yourself working in the football industry?
Yes, because when I looked at Royal Bafokeng Nation at large there was a lot of entities but no specific department with sports so I left to go study my B-Tech Sports Management and I came back and started working with Royal Bafokeng Sports to help develop sports in our community that is when I can say that my passion grew.

8. Any words of encouragement for the players?
I always stick to my 3 D’s which are Dedication, Determination and Discipline. For the players to make it far in the field they need to be dedicated to the training sessions, they need to be determined to win and achieve more than they achieved in the last match or training session and they need to be disciplined at all times.

9. Tell me a little more about Keleabetswe Diale.
Well Keleabetswe is a humble, hardworking, team player who believes in prayer and is always willing to learn more from people that she meets. I would like to thank the people who played a part in supporting me to reach the level that I am at in my career and also who assisted me to be the only female coach at Platinum Stars FC.

Posted: 10-12-2015
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